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Prepositions followed by words

Prepositions Followed by Words with 100 plus Examples | Unlocking the Beauty of Language

Today, let’s embark on a fascinating linguistic journey, exploring the often underestimated yet incredibly powerful elements of language: prepositions and the words they lead. I will sum up under one roof as” Preposition Followed by Words“.

Prepositions Followed by Words | Understanding the Essence of Prepositions

Prepositions followed by words

Prepositions are the unsung heroes of our sentences, guiding us through the complex maze of language. These small yet mighty words – like ‘in,’ ‘on,’ ‘under,’ and ‘between’ – play a crucial role in providing context and building meaningful relationships between words in a sentence.

A Journey ‘Under’ the Surface

Let’s dive ‘under’ the surface and understand how prepositions work their magic. When paired with nouns, pronouns, or phrases, prepositions add depth and clarity to our expressions.

For instance, consider the phrase ‘under the stars.’ The preposition ‘under’ here paints a vivid picture, giving us a sense of location and setting, transporting us into the tranquility of a night sky.

Prepositions in Everyday Conversations

Have you ever paused to notice how prepositions seamlessly weave into our everyday conversations? We talk about being ‘at’ the crossroads of life, feeling ‘with’ joy, or daydreaming ‘about’ the future.

That is what I’ve covered in “Preposition Followed by Words”

These prepositions serve as signposts, guiding our words in the right direction and ensuring that our messages are crystal clear.

The Art of Prepositional Phrases

One of the most intriguing aspects of prepositions is their ability to form prepositional phrases. These phrases, consisting of a preposition and its object, add depth and detail to our sentences.

Consider the phrase ‘with a smile.’ The preposition ‘with’ coupled with ‘a smile’ paints a delightful image, capturing a moment of happiness and warmth.

Exploring Diverse Languages

The beauty of prepositions extends across various languages, each with its unique set of prepositions enriching its vocabulary. Exploring how different languages utilize prepositions offers a glimpse into the diverse ways humans express relationships, emotions, and experiences. So, Prepositions serve several key functions in English grammar.

Learn it well while exploring Preposition Followed by Words.

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Prepositions Followed by Words | Some Common Examples of Prepositions

Prepositions Followed by Words | Some Common Examples of Prepositions

  1. She sat on the bench, lost in her thoughts. (Preposition: on)
  2. The cat squeezed through the narrow opening. (Preposition: through)
  3. He smiled at her warmly, making her day brighter. (Preposition: at)
  4. The book is under the table. (Preposition: under)
  5. They celebrated with laughter and song. (Preposition: with)

Prepositions Followed by Words Examples

Prepositions followed by words Examples

Here are more than 100 examples of prepositions followed by words for you:

  1. He was accused of theft.
  2. Cut your coat according to your clothes.
  3. He acts upon my advice.
  4. His illness added to my worries.
  5. He was admitted to the 8th class.
  6. The hunter aimed at the tiger.
  7. The train arrived at the station.
  8. He was ashamed of his misconduct.
  9. He asked me for help.
  10. You should attend to your guests.
  11. He availed himself of the opportunity.
  12. The prize was awarded to her.
  13. I am aware of my shortcomings.
  14. The dog was barking at me.
  15. He was begging for food.
  16. We believe in unity.
  17. This bag belongs to me.
  18. A son was born to her.
  19. He was born into a noble family.
  20. He borrowed money from me.
  21. Beware of bad company.
  22. I bought this book from London.
  23. He cares for me.
  24. She asked me to carry on.
  25. He is careful about his health.
  26. A drawing man catches at the straw.
  27. He was charged with murder.
  28. The school is close to my house.
  29. The weather is cold in December.
  30. We rake leaves in the fall.
  31. Yesterday I came across him in the market.
  32. Compare job with business.
  33. He made a complaint against her.
  34. I am confident of my success.
  35. I have confidence in you.
  36. The house consists of three rooms.
  37. He congratulated me on my exam.
  38. She is conscious of his weaknesses.
  39. He has control over the bike.
  40. Don’t be cruel to animals.
  41. He deals in cotton.
  42. He is very dear to me.
  43. The postman delivers letters to people.
  44. He depends on him.
  45. I have a desire to visit Paris.
  46. He died of malaria.
  47. I came back home due to bad weather.
  48. She is dreaming of these comforts.
  49. He is eligible for this post.
  50. The angle is equal to 90 degrees.
  51. It is a lame excuse for coming late.
  52. We must have faith in God.
  53. He failed in mathematics.
  54. He is faithful to me.
  55. I feel for you.
  56. Babies feed on milk.
  57. He fought with a sword.
  58. The hunter fired at the bird.
  59. The basket is full of flowers.
  60. He is gifted with a sweet voice.
  61. He has given up smoking.
  62. She was glad at her success.
  63. I am grateful to you.
  64. I have felt grief for me since.
  65. He was guilty of stealing the gold.
  66. What happened to him?
  67. We must have hope for the best.
  68. There is no hope of her recovery.
  69. I am sorry to hear about his death.
  70. Jeff is ill with a fever.
  71. I introduced him to the officer.
  72. He invited me to dinner.
  73. I was informed of his arrival.
  74. Smoking is injurious to health.
  75. Don’t be jealous of others.
  76. He is a junior to me.
  77. Hard work is key to success.
  78. We must be kind to the poor.
  79. Who is knocking at the door?
  80. He is laughing at me.
  81. This road leads to London.
  82. Listen to me.
  83. He has a liking for tea.
  84. He is loyal to the country.
  85. The chair is made in Italy.
  86. She was mistaken for punishment.
  87. She mourned for her loss.
  88. There is a need for help in floods.
  89. He is notorious for rash driving.
  90. He is obedient to his parents.
  91. Obedience to God is our duty.
  92. He objected to my proposal.
  93. We should pray to God.
  94. I am preparing for the examination.
  95. I am proud of you.
  96. There is no question about it.
  97. I quoted a reference from the book.
  98. I am obliged to you.
  99. It is open to you.
  100. It is an opportunity for you.
  101. These lines are parallel to each other.
  102. Water can part with oil.
  103. She is very particular in her dress.
  104. She passed by me in the market.
  105. He pointed at the tiger.
  106. We should pray for her.
  107. We are proud of him.
  108. Students are ready for tests.
  109. He reads in the evening.
  110. She referred the matter to the principal.
  111. I recovered from illness.
  112. I have great respect for you.
  113. Winter has set in.
  114. I am sorry for this.
  115. I am sure of my success.
  116. The flight took off on time.
  117. The flight will take off soon.
  118. I am thankful to you.
  119. Trust in God.
  120. I have no taste for music.
  121. He used to smoke.
  122. I voted for him.
  123. Two members voted against him.
  124. I am waiting for you.
  125. I will write a letter to my father.
  126. He is weak in Urdu.
  127. He works in this office.
  128. Never yield to temptation.
  129. He is zealous for poetry.


In the vast tapestry of language, prepositions and the words they lead are the threads that bind our expressions together. As we navigate the intricacies of these tiny yet significant linguistic elements, let’s appreciate the artistry they bring to our conversations, making our words resonate with meaning and depth.

So, fellow language enthusiasts, you’ve gone through Prepositions Followed by Words. Next time you construct a sentence, pay homage to the prepositions guiding your words – for in their simplicity lies the key to unlocking the true beauty of language. Happy exploring!

Faisal Kiani

Faisal Kiani

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