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About Kaydot | SEO Copywriting Agency

About Us  | Kaydot — SEO Copywriting Agency

CEO & Founder of Kaydot

We’re fortunate enough to serve dynamically on a single platform. faisalkiani.com ( Kaydot) is all about SEO Copywriting, quotes, education, reviews and recommendations, career counseling, a chain of training, and general blogging about hot topics of the time.

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SEO Copywriting Agency | Kaydot

Faisalkiani.com (Kaydot) is a leading SEO Copywriting agency that helps you get a high ranking and conversion at the same time for your organic entity. No matter you’re doing blogging or e-commerce or just need premium landing pages.

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Quality is our core concern for true guidance followed by impartial and neutral opinions. You will find a unique and creative blend of information that sprinkles from the heart.

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We are determined and committed to providing a transparent, smooth, and advanced school of thought that works only for the betterment of humanity.

AIWA CITY attock by Benison Marketing

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Kiani is an expert SEO Copywriter, Content Analyst, Strategist, and career counselor. He is enriched by the dynamic experience of 26 years in sales & marketing, management, recruiting, content creation, and career counseling.

Muhammad Faisal Kiani — CEO and Founder, Kaydot — faisalkiani.com

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He is currently working as The Director Operations at Benison Marketing Pvt. Ltd.— A real estate consulting and property advising company.

Ongoing SEO Copywriting Course for Beginners

SEO Copywriting Course for beginners batch 8

Amazon Affiliate Blogging through SEO Copywriting

Sir Faisal Kiani has a creative, innovative, and unique approach to SEO copywriting with more than a million words floating in the digital ocean. He prepares beginner to advanced-level courses in SEO Copywriting through Amazon Affiliate Blogging, landing pages, and Product Descriptions.

His outstanding deliverance is through his Kopy Konversion Technique (KKT) for the best optimization and conversion at the same time. Most of his content eventually ranked on Google without link building.

“The Mystery of Life” | Book on Amazon Kindle

You can also get his first international publication, “The Mystery of Life” on Amazon Kindle soon. Some of his quotes are now published on his website faisalkiani.com as a token.

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Team Kaydot is ready to educate and train through our famous SEO Copywriting Training Course Series through Amazon affiliate blogging.

Team faisalkiani.com — Kaydot

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