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4-go method for MCQs

Learn 4-Go Method for MCQs | Boost Your Test Scores!

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Have you ever felt a bit puzzled when facing multiple-choice questions? Well, there’s a cool trick called the 4-Go Method that can help you out! Wondering how it works? Stick with us as we explore the secrets of the 4-Go Method for MCQs.

It’s like having a special tool to tackle those multiple-choice questions with confidence!

4-Go Method for MCQs | Boost Your Test Scores!

4-Go Method for MCQs | Boost Your Test Scores!

Are you finding MCQs tricky? Don’t worry! This guide will help you understand the amazing “4-Go Method for MCQs” and I’ve transformed a 6% success rate into a fantastic 86% of a leading university.

Let’s learn the secrets to make MCQs much easier!

The Importance of “Making a True List”

The Importance of "Making a True List"

Before we jump into the 4-Go Method, let’s talk about the basic step – “Making a True List.” This is about picking the right answers and not just memorizing things. It’s like making a list of the most important things to know, making MCQs much simpler.

What is a True List?

In MCQs, there’s only one right answer among a few choices. For example:

Q: A plant needs water, air, and ——– to grow.

a) Feed

b) Heat

c) Sunlight

d) Fertilizer

True List: A plant needs water, air, and sunlight to grow.

And, you can also make a “Twist List” by changing the order of the words to remember even better!

What is the 4-Go Method | A Simple and Cool Way to Solve MCQs

What is the 4-Go Method | A Simple and Cool Way to Solve MCQs

Now, let’s break down the 4-Go Method into four easy steps. This will make MCQs like a fun game!

Step-by-Step Guide for the 4-Go Method for MCQs

Step-by-Step Guide for the 4-Go Method for MCQs

First Go | Find the Easiest Questions

Look at the questions and find the easy ones you are sure about. Answer those first to feel confident. If you don’t know, don’t worry, just move on to the next one.

Second Go | Answer Questions You Feel 70-80% Sure About

Now, answer the questions you kind of know, like around 70-80% sure. This step helps you build confidence as you go through the test.

Third Go |  Deal with Questions You Are Less Sure About

Next, try the questions where you are not very sure, maybe less than 50%. Use what you know from the “True List” to make your best guess. If you’re not sure, just skip it for now.

Fourth Go | Take a Leap of Faith on the Final Questions

In the last round, make sure to answer every question, even if you’re not sure. Take a small risk. Use what you remember from earlier to make your best guess. This makes sure you don’t miss any chance for points!

Facing the Fear of Negative Marking

Facing the Fear of Negative Marking

The 4-Go Method is not just a smart way to solve MCQs; it also helps you not worry about losing marks for wrong answers. Don’t worry too much about negative markings. It’s like a shield against losing points. Just focus on doing your best!

There is no logic or rule of negative marking in the world. For example, if there are 20 questions and each carries one mark. Now for a correct answer, there is one mark and for a blank or a wrong answer, there is one mark to cut. 

Now, if someone is deducting 1.5 or 2 marks for a wrong question, and you have produced all answers wrong, then, there are 40 marks to be deducted out of 20 marks. Is it possible or justified in any court?

So, there can not be a rule of negative marking. If it is so, then it is illegal and injustice and students can knock the justice.


4-Go method for MCQs Video

Here is a full video of the 4-go method for MCQs:


Best 20 Tips for Solving MCQs | MCQs Solving Techniques

Best 20 Tips for Solving MCQs | MCQs Solving Techniques

Here are 20 best tips while using the 4-go method for MCQs.

1. Read Carefully

Read each question and all the choices carefully.

2. Eliminate Distractions:

Focus only on the question and don’t get distracted.

3. Find Keywords:

Look for important words in the question.

4. Use Elimination:

Get rid of obviously wrong choices to make it easier.

5. Watch for Special Words:

Be careful with words like “always” or “never.”

6. Mind Negatives:

Pay attention to words like “not” or “never.”

7. Manage Time:

Don’t spend too much time on one question; keep moving.

8. Trust Your Instincts:

If you’re not sure, go with your first thought.

9. Review Your Answers:

Double-check your choices before finishing.

10. Stay Calm:

Keep calm and stay focused during the test.

11. Look for Patterns:

See if you notice any repeating answer choices.

12. Be Careful with Absolute Terms:

Words like “always” or “never” might not be the right choice.

13. Check Answer Length:

Sometimes, shorter answers are better.

14. Underline Important Words:

Mark or think about the important words in the question.

15. Practice Skimming:

Learn to quickly read through questions for the main points.

16. Watch for Repetition:

If an answer repeats a lot, be extra careful.

18. Cross Out Wrong Answers:

Cross off choices you know are wrong.

19. Use the Rule of Thumb:

Middle options can be a good guess if you’re not sure.

20. Look for Synonyms:

Search for words similar to those in the question.

FAQs about the 4-Go Method for MCQs

FAQs about the 4-Go Method for MCQs

Here are some common questions about the 4-go method for MCQs:

What is the 4-Go Method for MCQs, and how can it help me in my exams?

The 4-Go Method is a cool strategy to solve Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in four simple steps. It helps you identify easy questions first, gradually build confidence, and even take a small risk on questions you’re not sure about.

It’s like a smart game plan that can boost your test scores!

Can the 4-Go Method be used for any subject?

Absolutely! The 4-Go Method is a versatile strategy that works for any subject with MCQs. Whether it’s math, science, or language arts, you can use this method to make tackling MCQs much easier and fun.

Is the True List really important, and how do I make one?

Yes, the True List is like your superhero guide. It helps you focus on the right answers. Making a True List is easy – just pick the right answer for each question and maybe make a Twist List by changing the order of the words.

It’s a super smart way to remember important stuff!

Will the 4-Go Method help me with my fear of negative marking?

Definitely! The 4-Go Method acts like a shield against the fear of negative marking. By taking careful steps and answering questions strategically, you minimize the impact of potential mistakes.

So, no need to worry too much about losing points for wrong answers.

Can I use the 4-Go Method for short-answer questions too?

The 4-Go Method is specially designed for Multiple Choice Questions, but you can apply a similar idea for short-answer questions. Identify the easy ones first, tackle the ones you’re more confident about, address the ones you’re less sure about, and take a small leap of faith on the final ones.

It’s all about being smart and organized in your approach!

Now You’re Ready!

With the “True List” and the 4-Go Method, you can make MCQs much easier. This method has turned a 6% success rate into a super cool 86%.

Use this guide, forget about worrying, and do your best in your exams. You’ve got this!

Summing Up

Now that we’ve uncovered the 4-Go Method for MCQs, you’ve got a smart strategy for dealing with multiple-choice questions. This method helps you break down the options and navigate through them like a pro. Think of it as your superhero sidekick in the world of assessments.

So, whenever you encounter multiple-choice questions, remember the 4-Go Method—it turns tricky questions into conquerable challenges. Happy answering!

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